Friday, April 13

Bright Sadness

I went on a walk this morning.
It was bright and cold. 
Light everywhere, on the outside. 
The inside was filled with sadness and tiredness. The brightness cleared my mind, and gave me enough to face the day.


A M B E R said...

Somehow I knew you would shine with this theme. I think so many of your photos naturally have a "bright sadness" look to them. I like the one of your feet and the shadow, and also the last one. Beautiful!

Julia said...

I agree with Amber. You really shine with this theme. I like all of them, and especially grouped together. I can imagine your walk exactly and the way it probably felt. I also always like the way you use words so sparely on your blog.

And by the way, the photo which I think is a view of the path around the Notre Dame lake fills me with nostalgia.