Friday, April 27


 more photo friday


Julia said...

All very beautiful photos, as usual. I especially love the middle one with the tiny lantern.

A M B E R said...

I love the softness of all three of these photos. This quality, as well as the quiet subject matter, unites them well.

It's interesting contrasting my quiet photos with yours... what I noticed right away was that your quiet photos moved out, encompassing large spaces--even the water moves away. Mine seem to fold in on themselves, as if quiet was a corner of my house.

Manuela said...

Thanks, Amber and Julia.

Amber, it is funny that you mention the large spaces. because this whole week, when thinking about "quiet" and longing for it, I was envisioning myself in large spaces with no noise and no clutter.
I was mostly (day)dreaming about going to Iceland. :)

Jenny said...


Your photos are beautiful! I especially love the one of the stones. I feel like that a lot, looking out at the world with wonder.