Monday, June 18


The month of June has been full of anticipation, excitement about the upcoming change, last evening walks around the lakes, reflection on the past 8 years and all the things that changed my life.
But it is also full of ordinary things like laundry and packing, which is not even that ordinary when two eager boys are involved.
I also like to take time for some rest and short breaks to enjoy the beautiful summer weather, barbecues and swimming in the lake.

The month of June never goes by without the memory of my brother who passed, or thinking of my father whose birthday we celebrate on the same day. 
It feels surprisingly good and right to feel the loss and sadness all over again mixed with the joy and hope for the future.

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A M B E R said...

I love the apple shot and the laundry shot... I want to put them together in a diptych... :-)

I hope your move goes well. When are you going to Minnesota?