Wednesday, August 29

Almost there

A whole month has gone by since we arrived here. The weather changed from heat to cool, at times even sweater weather, to heat again. We don't have air conditioning in our old apartment. But I love it that way. The windows are open, I can hear the wind, the leaves, the kids and once in a while a lawn mower from outside, and the fans seem to be keeping it cool enough. It reminds me of Germany.

We are still adjusting.
I had to realize once again that change is not easy, that it takes time and patience to start feeling at home in a new place. That it takes energy, and therefore extra sleep and rest, to get through the day and take in everything that's new. 
Yesterday, for the first time, since we arrived, I started to feel differently, not as tired, not as uncomfortable, not quite as impatient.
It takes a year to feel at home somewhere, but I think the process has started, slowly. I am starting to really like it here, to enjoy my surroundings. I feel more at ease again. I hope it will continue.


Julia said...

I like the green chair and I like the one of the window sill with the plant coming down. I always think your writing is refreshing to read. You use such simple phrases and statements to say exactly what you mean and it comes across so honestly-- just how you are in real life (and same with the self-portraits here--just like you really are in person). I learn a lot from you, Manuela.

leonie wise said...

Beautiful light!