Friday, October 12

gold and the four seasons

Spring    © Manuela Thames 2012
Summer  © Manuela Thames 2012
Autumn  © Manuela Thames 2009
Winter   © Manuela Thames 2009


Molly Sabourin said...

Oh these are stunningly subtle, Manuela. How creative to view gold through the different seasons!

Julia said...

I also love the subtlety and unexpectedness in these. I think you've captured a different but equally real side of gold which can be quite pale and cold. And once again, I really experience your photos as very cinematic. Brrr.

On a less poignant note, this theme and its diverse interpretations reminds me, amusingly, of all the various permutations of Notre Dame football helmets and uniforms that I have witnessed over the years. Each new manifestation never fails to make me ask: What color is gold, really?

A M B E R said...

I like this take on the gold theme, and the grouping of these together is particularly nice. I think I like the second image best, but they are all nice. Your artistic vision is consistent and clear, Manuela, and it's good to have you back!

Mark Janssen said...

Lovely. The color tone and lighting of the winter image is magical.

leonie wise said...

what a beautiful idea for a theme and to cover the four seasons is such a great way to do that. exquisite beauty in all of these.