Friday, January 4

first post of 2013, first attempt at polaroid, and my first and only new year's resolution

neighbor's house
dining room wall
front yard

We just got back from a trip to Saint Louis visiting some dear friends, ten hours of driving each way. Yesterday the unfortunate circumstance of a puking child in the car made for a long and tedious day. I am happy to be home, healthy and warm. We think it must have been car sickness instead of the stomach flu, fortunately.
It is a beautiful day here in Minnesota, and the morning sun and brightness in our apartment inspired me to finally try out my polaroid camera. The scanner must have had a lot of dust, but I like it that way.
I will have to practice more, that's for sure, but I am already very fond of the imperfect results.

The new year started out nicely. It's always good to be with friends that feel close to family. The days were filled with eating good food, drinking red wine, sitting in front of the fire place, going ice skating, relaxing and enjoying the never ending, imaginative play of our kids.
I have a huge amount of pictures to go through and cannot wait to find the time for it.

During the drive yesterday, I had a lot of time to think about the coming year and about new year's resolutions. I have actually never made one, ever. So I tried to think of a list of things for this year. There are a lot of things that I always want to do better. I am constantly trying to be more disciplined and constantly fail. Then I thought again about our unstable life and how hard it would be to  keep up with resolutions. Never mind. Maybe next year.
This morning I woke up and I suddenly new what my resolution for 2013 would be, just one: Do not worry and take things as they come. 
Hmm, I will keep you updated.


Julia said...

I'm excited to see your polaroids and I also like the results. My favorites here are the dining room wall with the warbled squares of light and the front yard with the to and fro footprints. I think your New Year's resolution is perfect.

A M B E R said...

Polaroids are so subdued, their colors so alluring to my eye. I'm so glad you got one!

And these are a wonderful way to capture light. I'm glad you posted today, and I've enjoyed seeing your photography develop on your blog!

A M B E R said...

by the way, the second photo is my favorite.

Manuela said...

Thanks, Amber and Julia.
If the film was not so expensive, I would take polaroids constantly. It has and addicting affect.