Wednesday, March 13

Spring is Near and a Few Random Thoughts

The sun is out and I just wanted to share my joy about the approaching Spring and some random thoughts. There is still ice on the ground, a lot of it. I slipped this morning and fell straight on my back, while my phone (camera) landed in a puddle (I am glad it wasn't one of the other cameras).  
But everything seems to be working just fine, including my back.
I needed a short break this morning, and bought myself a skirt. It made me happy.
This afternoon after school, I will take the boys to the zoo, just to celebrate this beautiful day and be outside.

Here is another random thought... Sigur Ros will perform on April 3rd here in Saint Paul. I had almost forgotten that we live in a real city now where things are actually happening, and have to remind myself to keep my eyes open for things like that. I just would like two tickets, that's all

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