Friday, November 21

Visit to the Walker Art Center

On Wednesday my friend and I took our kids to the  Walker Art Center. School was out early that day, so we had a whole afternoon to explore and enjoy this fantastic place. We weren't so sure about how the kids would enjoy it, but my friend had the idea of bringing sketch pads and pencils and encourage them to sketch their favorite piece or painting. We also brought pastels, but those were not allowed in there, as we found out later.
The afternoon went incredibly well. I was amazed at how these children (two seven year old boys, one four year old and a ten year old girl) were pulled in by the art, sat down on the floor and began coloring and sketching inspired by what they saw. It was a great and fun filled day that ended with pizza, play and wine.

I especially enjoyed the many short films that were playing, several of them about contemporary dance. 

This was my favorite piece. Four body sculpture photographs by Hans Breder (see below).

Lukas is laying on the floor sketching a piece of art.

Not sure what this piece is all about.

Tristan did amazingly well and assured me later at night:" I had fun."

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