Saturday, February 14

Not From Here

As I briefly mentioned on my Facebook Page, I have recently taken an interest in photographing local bands and/or other musicians. There is a huge music scene in the Twin Cities, and I am fortunate that I had the opportunity to photograph the band Not From Here consisting of guitar, cello (electric cello!) and drums. I love anything with cello in it, and always had this dream of playing the cello (in a band) myself.
But it is almost just as good to enjoy other people's musical talents, and listen to a good show.
"Not From Here" is an instrumental, experimental, progressive rock band. No words or voices needed. Their storytelling happens entirely through the instruments. I really like it---a lot. It's different and unique in all the best ways, very loud and strangely beautiful.

I hope to explore more music in the Twin Cities and make new connections. To combine my love for photography with my love for music seems like a dream combination to me. At least I have been thinking a lot about it, and have vague ideas about a photography show involving photos of local bands, potential album covers, fine art band portraits and who knows what else. This is most definitely a long term goal, but I like having a big goal. It keeps me going.

If anybody out there can give me advice, or offer some thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it. And if anybody is interested, it doesn' t hurt to contact me. No risks involved.

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