Sunday, March 18

"photo friday"

blue, green and blueish green

Amber and Julia started the project "photo friday". Amber gives us a theme for the week, we have to take pictures that fits with it, and then we post it on Fridays. Or, like me this week, go through the archives and post something old.
Check out both of their blogs. Amber is a graphic designer and photographer, and I have "known" and admired her through Flickr for a while now. My good friend Julia is a very talented writer.


A M B E R said...

Manuela, I think your top image captures green+blue better than any of our other green+blue images! I love it. And thank you so much for participating--it makes the process so much more fun.

Julia said...

I remember when you came home from Switzerland with all of these photos. I love peeling paint and old bottles and cool colors.