Saturday, March 24

"photo friday"

a charcoal picture on grey
early signs of spring
striped socks on asphalt
from walking through early morning grass


Julia said...

I was afraid that the pink theme would discourage you because I know how much you dislike it, but I'm so happy that you decided to do it anyway, and I like the way you did it. I like all of them. And I especially like the first photo because of course, it reminds me of the path to Notre Dame campus and is so nostalgic.

A M B E R said...

I love these (and also the pink truffula tree!). The second one is my favorite... and the use of the speckled asphalt as background is very nice in all. I'm looking forward to the diptychs next week!

rachelerin said...

I love striped socks. So glad you're blogging again, I've been thinking of you.