Thursday, January 9

Christmas in the Desert

We traveled to the desert this year for Christmas. 
It's a vast and fascinating place. I felt particularly drawn to all the different bushes and branches that create many interesting patterns. We went for hikes during the day and one time at night. Most of the night shots did not turn out the way I hoped for. I must practice.

All in all we had a wonderful time in Arizona. We got spoiled by my in-laws. They let us sleep in, take naps and relax. We went to the movies (I had almost forgotten how annoying the previews are. Are they showing more and more of those?) and had good food and wine. It was a much needed break for us and we both definitely feel refreshed to tackle the challenges of 2014. 
Stay tuned for more pictures from our trip to northern Arizona and Grand Canyon.

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A M B E R said...

wow, these are beautiful! I think the top two are my favorites, particularly the second one. The shadows on the arm, along with the curves of the arm, follow so beautifully into the branches. They are all a little haunting.