Wednesday, June 11

24 Hours

For 24 hours mosquitos were dancing around me in an aggressive attempt to get a sip of my blood.
I should have given them a cup and they would have left me alone---maybe.
For 24 hours I was in a different world, away from obligations and demands by little people.
What quietness and solitude can do to me. I could hear myself breathe.
Wandering through the woods is one of my favourite things to do. Wandering with nobody else around, I finally conquered my fears.
I found a mirror leaning against a tree trunk and looked at my own reflection. "I look different", I thought to myself. "I feel different, too."
Feelings have been my life long struggle. When you feel too much, the world can be a cruel place, judging you for being vulnerable. Looking at myself in the mirror, I pushed that thought away.
"There is a place for all of this", I said out loud and kept on wandering, wandering and feeling the grief for something I will never have. I allowed myself to feel it until peace and quietness set in.
Then finally I could see things so well with my eyes and with my mind.
"I feel stronger now", I thought.
And then the mosquitos came back.


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