Thursday, January 28


 For this week, I am joining Julia and Amber who are blogging according to a shared monthly theme on the second (poetry) and fourth (photo) Wednesday of each month. This months theme is "Winter" and I decided to share some of my photos as well.
Winter photos are not hard to come by here in Minnesota.

This winter started out fairly mild with no snow in December and temperatures in the forties. It was rather depressing to most people, especially Minnesotans who were eagerly awaiting the first snow fall. January has been much more normal. We now have snow which will most likely stay until April, and the temperatures have reached up to -10 degrees (F), still not too bad for Minnesota.
I am always amazed that even on a day with extremely cold temperatures you can see people biking to work or school.
Life here does not stop with a major snow fall or cold temperatures. People go cross country skiing, snow shoeing, running, sledding, tubing and ice skating.
I do love that about winter here. Yes, it is cold up here and most people don't want to live here because of it. But now that I am in the middle of my fourth Minnesota winter, I can say, it is doable, and at most times enjoyable.
Only on certain days when you are tired of bundling up, when you simply don't want to breath in freezing air until you lungs hurt or moisturize your hands and face for the tenth time during the day, when the sky is grey and you miss the color green, only then it would be nice to be a cat and sleep all day.

Snow tubing 
Indoor play
Mississippi River Ice
Sometimes it would be nice to be a cat...


A M B E R said...

Lovely, as usual! & that image of the Mississippi River ice is intriguing! Glad to have your images linked! oxo

Julia said...

I'm so glad we are starting the shared blogging routine again. It makes me really happy. I love hearing about Minnesota winter and seeing your photos. I'm not used to this kind of cold anymore-- I think I wouldn't make it. But maybe it is really possible to draw energy from people around you it they really embrace it.